KRINK x Nike 1World Air Force 1

24 Nov

Nike’s Air Force 1’s officially jumped the shark of fashion once Nelly’s musical ode to the sneaker skyrocketed, because whoever wasn’t rockin’ them at the time (me included) started to stock their closets with them. Personally, I prefer white-on-white Adidas shelltoes, or even Reebok classics, as opposed to the standard white-on-whites. But I must admit, Nike has really done a great job of reviving the Air Force 1 stamp with this year’s 1World Collection, which paired the Nike team with 18 innovators from around the globe to create their own version of the signature kicks. My favorite ones so far have been the LaDanian Tomlinson edition, Rasheed Wallace’s (gotta rep for my Detroit Pistons), Hajimi Tachibana’s incredible white-on-clear design, and the ?uestlove joints (moreso because of my stannery than of the shoe itself).

But after I saw the above pair on HypeBeast this weekend, I’m ready to add these to the list. They’re the collaborative shoe with graffiti writer/artist Craig “KR” Costello and his KRINK brand of markers. The sneaker is simple and streamlined, but they still stand out because of the KRINK’s trademark drip pattern and the reflective print. And gray, as Mos pointed out on his blog, is an extremely versatile color in terms of what it can be worn with. It also comes with a hand-made KRINK silver marker and special edition box; and I like little extra shit like that (lol). It hits stores on Black Friday, just like the Black Tie Project Adidas that I posted about earlier. Another shot after the jump.

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