FF Week 13 – D’Angelo Williams Rools. Edition

1 Dec

The young man above, D’Angelo Williams, got my fantasy football team, Wavy Crocketts, 32.6 points today: 72 yards rushing, and a whopping FOUR touchdowns. Ben Roethlisberger came through, and Larry finally decided to avoid the legal charges and play today, getting me 92 yards and a touchdown. Joseph Addai – and the entire Indianapolis Colts offense, for that matter – was off today, and my team MVP Anquan Boldin called his poor performance on Thursday “the worst game I’ve ever played,” but the rest of my squad picked up the slack.

My opponent’s biggest scorer was Tennesee Titans’ kicker Rob Bironas, who earned 21 points by making four 40-plus yard field goals and six extra points in their 47-10 victory against the shitstains that the NFL calls the Detroit Lions. Terrell Owens and Donald Driver contributed to his team as well, but the big disapointment on his/her team is Clinton Portis, who has a pathetic 22 yards rushing against – you guessed it – my New York Giants defense.

So if my calculations are correct, I’ve already won with a score of 104.6-92. And I still have Houston receiver Kevin Walter playing Monday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars’ shitty secondary. So that’ll be nice to add on some points to my victory. And if I’m correct, today’s game secures me a spot in our playoffs.


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