Ketchums x Slim x HipHopDX

8 Dec


The photo above was taken over the summer, I caught Slim (of 112) for an interview at Cadillac Club in Lansing, Mich. The interview was done a while ago, but now that it’s posted, I’m happy with it. Got kudos from editor Jake Paine, and at this point, that’s honestly what’s most important to me. The intro:

While Hip Hop is a genre that notoriously disrespects its veterans, R&B is a little more considerate. But it’s not like Slim needs the help: the lead singer for veteran quartet 112 has always been about staying ahead of the curve. The group teamed up with the late Notorious B.I.G. and Mase to put together the “Only You” remix, which was a club-ready single that managed to keep people moving without coming across as contrived.

More than a decade later, “So Fly”—the first single for his new album, Love’s Crazy—utilized Yung Joc and did the same thing, catapulting near the top of the Billboard charts. Slim’s rolling solo now (yes, the group is still intact), and he’s pushing his own M3 label under Asylum Records instead of rocking with Bad Boy Entertainment or Def Jam, but otherwise, ain’t nothin’ changed: he’s still making timeless R&B music that everyone can relate to. In a candid interview with HipHopDX, Slim talks about balancing integrity with keeping up with current sounds, and how he lives his music.

It’s a complete, solid article. For the rest, click here.


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