Return of the Hustle – todo for week 12/8

8 Dec

I broke down a couple of weeks ago, y’all.

Not emotionally, but productivity-wise. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I fell into a slump. Normally, I’ll procrastinate and/or sleep for most of the day and start killin’ shit once midnight hits. (Who Sleeps Anymore, anyway?) Usually, I can do more from 12am to 6am than some of these cats can handle in two work days. But this time, I procrastinated, and when my usual primetime hit, I just didn’t do the work – I lacked the motivation, and I lacked the energy. I fell behind on assignments, and the career I love felt more like a chore than it ever had.

But I took a little time off, and I’m back at it. Give the kid some extra sleep, family time, female attention, and dope music, and I’m brand new, no El Che. Went to a job fair, and made some connections. Saw Michael Eric Dyson and Block Spencer speak at Wayne State Univ., and I realized that ain’t shit stoppin’ me from having their bank accounts and reputations but some mufuckin’ direction. Christmas break is going to be a lot of peoples’ opportunity to relax, but I’ve got to make up for lost time.

My todo list for this week:

  • Knock out a XXL story on Mickey “Memphitz” Wright – the A&R that brought T-Pain to JIVE and is the new CEO of the JIVE/Zomba joint venture label Hitz Committee Entertainment. He’s also the host of The Deal, the new show on BET that replaced Rap City. I interviewed homie last week, so I’ve got to hand in the story by Thursday.
  • Complete a HipHopDX Producer’s Corner interview with another Memphis product, Drumma Boy. I interviewed Drumma – the boardsman behind heaters like Young Jeezy’s “Put On,” T.I.’s “What Up What’s Haapnin” and more – earlier today, and I’ve got to turn the piece in to the illest editor in the biz, Jake Paine, this Friday.
  • Get started on a press release for Mae Day – the best female MC in the game right now, period. – and her upcoming release for Cherish The Day, a mixtape on which she covers a myriad of Sade songs.
  • Another press release and/or bio for a really talented singer out of Detroit. Won’t put his name out there till we get things going, though.
  • Begin this feature piece on Tasherre D’Enajetic for Metro Times.
  • Get the ball rolling on this feature article on Karreim Higgins for Metro Times. I swear, I love my fuckin’ job.
  • Dole out stories for amongst my ill crew of staff writers.
  • Follow up with connects from the job fair earlier this month.
  • Get started on this blog series that I’ll be putting up on the HipHopDX’s SpeechIsMyHammer. UPDATE: check the first of the blog series, 10 People Who Have Me Excited About Hip-Hop, HERE (the first entry is B.o.B.).
  • Knock out at least two features for this web site, if not more.
  • Begin reviews for next month’s Mixtape Wrap-Up on HipHopDX.

And y’all thought finals week was hectic.

That’s not even including the stuff that hasn’t come to my plate, yet. I’m expecting some more work to hit the inbox before Friday.

Any downtime is going to be dedicated to eating or reading. My eyes will be glued to the following:

Keeping this post as the top one until next week sometime, and I’ll be striking through tasks as I complete them.

See if you can keep up.


3 Responses to “Return of the Hustle – todo for week 12/8”

  1. michaelmoron December 8, 2008 at 8:26 pm #

    Invincible=the best female MC in the game.

  2. philhy December 9, 2008 at 1:32 am #

    Definitely feel you sir I might have to bite you (pause) on doing the to do list but its definitely grind season wait it never stopped being it lets get it sir

  3. sweeneykovar December 9, 2008 at 1:38 am #

    the jeff chang book is very interesting.

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