Ketch-Up 12-15-08 – Nick Speed x Drumma Boy

15 Dec

Looking forward to the new week. But first, let’s get y’all up to speed with some pieces I’ve gotten published recently.

Nick Speed

I interviewed Nick Speed for Metro Times. We had a super long conversation because of how well we know each other, but once I got on track to transcribe everything, the article came out well – just like all of my articles are Michigan rap artists are. It’s so dope that I get to do this for a newspaper, as opposed to a hip-hop magazine/web site. But anyway, to read it, CLICK HERE.

Drumma Boy

For HipHopDX’s Producer’s Corner, I spoke to Drumma Boy – the Atlanta-by-way-of-Memphis producer who crafted Young Jeezy and Kanye’s “Put On,” T.I.’s “What Up What’s Haaapnin,” Scarface’s “Never,” and a slew of other heaters for the south’s premier emcees. In this interview, he talks about differences between working with T.I. and Jeezy, coming up around parents who were classically-trained musicians, and putting on for his city. To read, CLICK HERE.

More coming soon…


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