Ketchums x Guess Who?

15 Dec


I’m the co-writer for a column on HipHopDX called Producer’s Corner, in which me and Melanie Cornish take turns interviewing the game’s hottest knob-twisters. For the section, I’ve gotten the chance to talk to some of my all-time favorite musicians ever: Will.I.Am, Hi-Tek, and others. It’s been incredible.

But to bring in 2009, I’m shooting for a producer that’ll have me as excited as ever. It’s one of the 10 people I’d like to interview before I leave this earth, and I think I’ve really got a chance at interviewing him. But as much as I like y’all to share in my good news with me, the homie Danya Steele’s infinite wisdom prompted me to enact a 90% rule. Basically, I don’t reveal details on anything really important until it’s 90% completed – which means that I won’t say who it is until the interview is done, recorded and transcribed.

But I love y’all. So what I’m going to do is give you guys five clues. There’s obvious ones, but I couldn’t give it away – but at least one of these should be a big hint to any real fans.

  1. He loves pop tarts.
  2. He’s got a couple experimental blemishes, but with his string of hits and his ridiculous versatility, he’s still part of my Top 10. If you disagree, you should stop frontin’.
  3. He’s made heaters for both Jay-Z and Nas. But his best song with Nas, you’ve probably never heard.
  4. Repp’d Nu Nu when she was new new.
  5. You might see him driving around Miami in that Suzy Loves Ricky.

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