New Blackberry Curve 8900

16 Dec

*cues Andre 3000’s “Prototype”*

As some of you know, I’m Skype’in and emailing it right now; but I’ve been on the prowl for a new Blackberry for a while now. While former boss Langston is loving the Blackberry Storm (ThinkTank Mktg, whattup!), I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. And the Bold hasn’t gotten as much love as it was set to get, either.

But this new one, the Curve 8900, might be it. I’ve been rockin’ my 8800 faithfully as everyone else started to hop on the Blackberry train with their Pearls or Curves, but if I were to get a new one, this would probably be it. It’s the thinnest and lightest Blackberry to date, and it boasts all the tech specs that I’d need (3.2 megapixel videorecording camera, Wi-Fi and GPS, plus the signature e-mail and organizer functions that I’ve grown attached to), and the body form that I’m used to. Plus, it’s also got what they’re calling an “enhanced” media player – and if there’s one thing that Blackberrys have suffered from, it’s the media player.

[sings]La, la la la, wait till I get my money right[/sings]

via MarcusTroy


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