17 Dec

So, yesterday was…interesting.

I had conversations with two people in my industry whom I respect a lot: Jay Smooth and Jeff Chang. Jay Smooth is a vlogger for his web site, We chopped it up about the Charles Hamilton vs. Soulja Boy beef, which is what I think his next vlog should be about (give him your suggestions HERE). I chopped it up with Jeff Chang about his next book, the job situation in Michigan, and the pros/cons of moving to NYC.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with both of these people for a while now – Jeff Chang for over two years, and Jay Smooth for three or four months. So it’s really weird that I get to talk to both of them at once. But both conversations ended up helping me out a lot – I plan to get something done with Jay Smooth next month, and Jeff gave me a contact that could prove really helpful.

But aside from tangible results like that, they were living, breathing reminders that I can live my dream. Chang is making a fuckin’ living writing books on topics he’s passionate about, and Jay Smooth is getting interviewed on TV shows about his vlog, which is one of the most visited hip-hop sites on the web. I can do exactly what they did, and I can do whatever I want – all I need to do is make the right moves and connect with the right people. And with some news I heard yesterday, that’s more important than ever.

Excuse the Rakim cliches, but it’s time to think of a new master plan. I’ve been doin’ my thing for a while now, but it’s time to seriously step it up. To live up to my own standards, not the standards that are given to me by people who are already in awe of what I’m doing. Time to get to the point where money’s not an issue, and to where I won’t be doing shit I don’t wanna do to get paid – all I should be worried about is providing for my fam, documenting the music and culture that saved my life, and exercising so I can live long and get fly gear more accessibly.

Most of my peoples already know what I want. If you have any concrete ideas to help me get there, let me know. I’ma get there either way, but input is always good.

To be continued…


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