Barack Obama = Ebony Magazine’s “Person of the Year”

19 Dec


Ebony magazine has never had a “Person of the Year,” but enlisting President Elect Barack Obama as the first is a hell of a way to start off such an annual tradition. I scooped up this collector’s edition of the magazine a couple of nights ago, and from what I’ve read so far, it’s not bad. Literally the entire issue, cover to cover, is filled with articles about his life, his campaign, and the historical/social/political significance of his victory at the election.

I love the idea of having an entire issue about Obama, because Ebony normally has a great understanding  of the grandiose. But it’s already going to be difficult to avoid redundancy when you do a story on someone who’s been covered so exaustively already, much less doing an entire magazine. But hopefully, Ebony is up to the challenge. I like what I’ve read so far: the magazine’s product section succeeds by giving a rundown of Barack’s essentials while on the campaign trail, they have a solid essay from the homie Michael Eric Dyson, and they have a three-piece story that has short essays from a 14-year-old, a 21-year-old, and a 70-plus-year-old, all giving their reaction to Barack as the new president.

I need to start bangin’ with these cats.

BONUS: Ebony used their web site to give the Barack story some multimedia flair (no “Office Space”). CLICK HERE for audio clips from the interview, and CLICK HERE for a slideshow of exclusive photos.

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