Dell XPS Studio 13

19 Dec

I won’t front and say that I didn’t feel like shit when the Mac commercials with Justin Long first started circulating TV and Internet, but Dells are the only computers that I’ve ever owned. Pops Dukes got a Dell desktop back at home, and I’m on my second Dell desktop since I was a freshman at Michigan State University in fall ’03. They’ve had their issues with recalled batteries and customer service, but ever since they approached those issues in 2006, they’ve been on top of their game. that problem by With the XPS series that they launched last year, they released a slew of desktops and laptops that were just as fly aesthetically as they were with their tech specs. I’m definitely satisfied with my ultraportable XPS m1330 that I copped last year.

This new shit, the Studio XPS 13, is looking like it’s going to be incredible. First off, check the looks – it’s got a fuckin’ leather wrapping on top of the barrell hinge, and the tried-and-true black and chrome color scheme works even better with the sleek design it has. And as expected, the style is matched with substance. As quoted from Boy Genius Report:

(T)he Studio XPS 13 will come loaded with the latest Intel Montevina chipset, hybrid SLI graphics, slot-loading Blu-ray drive with HDMI, integrated Mobile broadband, edge-to-edge glass display with optional RGB LED backlighting, illuminated keyboard, capacitive multimedia buttons, integrated Gigabit networking, SATA/USB combo slot, webcam and a biometric fingerprint reader.

Fresca. They’re also working on a product that’s codenamed “Adamo,” which is rumored to be a laptop that would be even more thin than the Macbook Air (?!). Whether that’s true or not, I love the direction that Dell is taking these days, and the Studio XPS 13 is a great illustration of said direction. Follow the jump for more pics.


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