CP3 & D-Will in Slam Mag, Fantasy Hoops Update

20 Dec


The issue of SLAM magazine that’s on newsstands right now is about the Point Guard position, so it has the two best PGs in the game – Chris Paul and Deron Williams. CP3 and D-Will also happen to be the two star point guards of my fantasy basketball team, so I definitely had to support the homies at Harris Publications and scoop an copy (actually, at the same time that I bought the aforementioned Ebony). I’ve never really been into sports magazines very much, but after looking through this, I may actually become a regular customer. CLICK HERE to see the journalists behind the two interviews argue via e-mail about which is the better point guard.

My fantasy basketball team has been terribly underperforming, but I made some moves over the past couple of weeks that I’m thinking are going to pay off. The rundown:

  • I released Corey Maggette and Mike Dunleavy because they were injury-prone, let go of Lamar Odom because he’s been shitty as a bench player, and Rodney Stuckey because I’ve already got CP3 and D-Will killin’ shit in assists and steals.
  • I added Ron Artest, one of the most versatile players in the league – he can score both inside and behind the three-point line, and he’s a solid defensive player. But now he’s injured, go fuckin’ figure right? Seems like something small though. Pause.
  • Snatched up Marquis Daniels, who’s playing in Mike Dunleavy’s place in Indiana. He’s been having a career year when given a serious chance, and even though he’s got the flu this week (again, go figure), I’m glad to have him on the squad.
  • Added Wilson Chandler, the SG/SF who’s been thriving in the New York Knicks clusterfuck of a playing environment.
  • Finally, I scooped Marvin Williams, a SF/PF with the Atlanta Haws. Al Horford has varied between great and inconsequential this season, but I’ve noticed that Williams usually picks up whatever slack Horfoed leaves behind. So together, they work really well – I’m hoping that translates to my squad.

Hopefully, the magazine cover is a sign of greatness to come.


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