The Baseline with Laz Jackson: Special 0-16 Edition!

29 Dec


0-16. Oh-and-sixteen. Zero wins, sixteen losses. Winless. More losses in a single season than anyone else. I could do this all day. But you already know that, what you want to know is… Where do we go from here? There’s nowhere to go but up, right? What does the future hold? Like Lupe told me, have no fear. I’m here to tell you where we go.

What 0-16 means today, it means you will hear countless stories about how this is the worst team in history (which they are), how WCF Sr. should sell, sell, sell this team (or have a notoriously out-of-character change of philosophy), how everyone (EVERYONE) in the front office needs to be wiped out so a new GM can come in here and hire “his guys” (including a new head coach). The fans want blood. The media wants blood (Blood is SO easy to cover). So some heads will roll. But what we really need is a transfusion of new players. How do you get those guys? The draft.

So on draft day, the Lions have three options:

  1. Go Universal Mind Control on us (we can live with it, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it) and draft a QB who will be projected as the “future” of the franchise or a WR who will be a tandem with Calvin for years to come (Yes, Michael Crabtree, I am staring RIGHT at you).
  2. Go The Cool on us (Where we like it and we want to see where this is headed) and draft along either lines of scrimmage (Andre Smith OT, Alabama, Everette Brown, DE, FSU).
  3. Or, they could go Theater of the Mind on us (Better than everything in recent memory, the smartest career move they could make) and trade down, catching probably another top-5 pick and a good second-rounder. This means, you could still possibly get Smith (the best option for this team) and fill more holes in this sieve of a team. We have needs in the secondary, at linebacker, on the defensive line, and on the offensive line. That’s a lot of needs. (Because I know you are curious, the guys I like are Smith, Ray Maualuga, the LB from USC, and Malcom Jenkins, the 6’0 CB from OSU)

This just hit my screen: Marinelli fired, and the interim GM just got interim removed from his title.
Same old Lions. Cosmetic changes at best. Really, when I leave this state, I’m adopting a new football team. As a fan of the team since birth, and unable to really remember any of the Barry Sanders era (he left JUST as I got into sports), I hate this. Can WCF Sr. at least PRETEND to care and interview other candidates? Hey, but Eric Mangini just got fired… that would make an excellent hire.


Ok, so now that the NBA season has officially started (What? You didn’t know it doesn’t start untill after Christmas? Well, if you don’t know, now ya know.) a few things are painfully obvious.

My Pistons are not going to the Eastern Conference Championship.

Portland is a legit TEAM. Not a legit squad, a legit TEAM, get me? If you live on EST (like me) make the time to watch them.

There are only four teams that have a decent shot at a title: Boston, Cleveland, San Antonio, and L.A.
Why those teams? Each of them is the best at something NECESSARY to win a ring in this league.

Boston- Even if they had lost two in a row, they play the best team defense in the league.

Cleveland- They have the best individual player in the league. Hands down.

San Antonio- The best coaching in the league. Popovich has seen it all. Twice. They don’t panic in the clutch, and that’s a direct reflection on their coaching.

Los Angeles- They have the best team offense in the league. Kobe + Post players + decent spot-up shooters. Can’t ask for much more.

There are four more teams that need things to fall just right: Orlando, New Orleans, Houston, and Denver. Those are the teams that can beat anyone on a given night, but everything has to be falling in and their stars (Superman, CP3, T-Mac, and ‘Melo, respectively) have to play like, well, stars.

Because I picked Toronto as the sleeper of the East, you have my permission to disregard everything I say about the NBA ever again. Apparently I know nothing. Sam Mitchell was Coach of the Year in 07… how things change.

Speaking of fired coaches, I can sum each individual firings in 5 words or less.
P.J. Carlesimo- Never talk to Durant again.
Eddie Jordan- We need a scapegoat…Sorry.
Sam Mitchell- We want a Canadian coach.
Randy Wittman- You tried… We think.
Mo Cheeks- You couldn’t make Brand work.
Reggie Theus- You beat the Lakers… Leave.

On that note, I’ll leave too. Peace!


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