House Shoes – King James Version

1 Jan

Anybody who knows Michigan’s hip-hop knows who House Shoes is. He DJs both for clubs and for artists’ sets, and despite him being entrenched in Detroit’s rap scene since forever, he’s still the most underrated producer in the state, as he’s made timeless gems for Elzhi, Finale, and others.

While his upcoming effort doesn’t showcase his production style like I would’ve hoped, it’s still worthwhile. King James Version is a mix of songs that were sampled by his close friend, James “J Dilla” Yancey, before his untimely death in 2006. I still haven’t gotten to listen to my press copy in its entirety, but I still enjoyed what I heard. Some of the samples are instantly recognizeable, but ohers are great because they show how creative Dilla had to be to chop and manipulate them to be the gems they would become for other artists. Oh yeah, and it’s all in vinyl (as opposed to dilluted digital files), so the sound quality is there. I’m still waiting for a HouseShoes compilation on which he serves beats to the talented crop of emcees that he runs with. While I don’t know if that’ll ever happen, this will still do.

FreshSelects just uploaded King James Version: Chapter 1: Verse 1, which is part of the album. To download that, and to hear a few songs that were produced by HouseShoes, CLICK HERE.


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