ToDo 1-6-08

6 Jan

This weekend was pretty damn productive. Since going to the Pistons game Friday night, I wrote a shitload of new entries on my blog; put together what’s close to the final draft of my press release for Mae Day, DeWitt Moore and Mick Boogie’s Cherish The Day project; wrote a super review for Royce Da 5’9″s Bar Exam 2 as HipHopDX’s Mixtape of the Year; and posted a new feature with The Real here on SpeechIsMyHammer.

But my productivity could be better in general. And after reading the new GQ magazine’s guide to being more productive, I feel I’m ready to tackle anything. And that’s good, because I’ve got an incredible project that I’ve set my mind to do. I’m pretty pissed that I’m just now writing this at 6 A.M., because my sleep schedule is going to be even more fucked than usual throughout the day. But if I wake up in a few hours, work hard when I’m awake and just nap in between, I’ll be good. ToDo list for today, both the vital and the minimal:

  • Get started on my book proposal. The homie Danya Steele (Google her.) is working on a book proposal herself, and she’s got signs up around her place telling her to put at least an hour into that proposal every day until it’s complete. She’s got madd successful business models and work techniques (like I said. Google her.), so I’m taking her advice. At least one hour every day – but since I don’t exactly have a full-time job right now, it should be more than that. This project is my focus now, and I need to act like it.
  • Crack open a book, for once. We already know that I can write, but I need to get in my full-on book mode. I’ve been reading Black Genius pretty consistently, but I still need to read something that’s cohesive chapter to chapter, like I plan my project to be. I need to find my copy of Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. I’ll read that as a sort of business model, and I’ll listen to my audiobook of The Black List for inspiration.
  • At least begin to search for ways to finance the project. I ain’t tellin’ y’all my ideas, either.
  • Either meet up with, or at the very least, schedule some  meetings with my mentor. Get their opinion of my idea, and see how they can help.
  • Get two stories in the works for Metro Times. One of them, if approved, can be stupidly big. Pause.
  • Begin pursuit of who could be my biggest interview for HipHopDX’s Producer’s Corner, yet.
  • Dig through my contact list and see what dope MCs I know in Chi-town. PHILTHY is getting pursued by some venues in Chicago, and we need to see who he can rock with. Anybody who’s out there that’s dope, hollereth at me.
  • Set up an eye appointment. My optics been working too hard to read or make sense of the shit that’s close as fuck to my face, so that needs to be checked out. I know it’s cuz so much of my work requires me to stare at a fuckin’ computer, though.
  • Clean up my room! This shit is garbo.

EDIT: Yeah, I slept in super tough. Gotta get busy, now.


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