B.o.B. Studio Sessions

8 Jan

I’ve pegged Grand Hustle signee B.o.B. as one of the 10 people who have me excited about the future of hip-hop on HipHopDX, and as much as I feel his Who The Fuck Is B.o.B.? mixtape provides ample evidence, sometimes you’ve got to see it to believe it. This post will have three videos of him in the studio at work with T.I., DJ Toomp, and Young Dro.

In the video above, he’s clocking studio time T.I. and Young Dro. Check how he’s playing several instruments, and check the crazy hook he’s got playing in the background.

Follow the jump for the other two.

Here, he’s in the studio with DJ Toomp. Nevermind that Toomp’s one of the best producers in the biz – dude’s not rattled at all. Check how he’s not only telling him how the melody should go – he’s showing him by playing it on the guitar. And, just like before, you hear his chorus prowess in the background as well.

Lastly, here’s B.o.B. in the studio with T.I. working on one of my favorite songs from him, “I’m Dat Nigga.” He’s cocky about his skills, but he actually hangs with his label boss on this song in terms of how engaging his verse is. I’m pissed, though – the verse recorded in this verse is way better than the one that appeared on the mixtape version of this track. Maybe he’ll keep this version for the album.

So, yeah. That’s the deal. The music and the videos speak for themselves.

B.o.B.’s MySpace

via NahRight


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