Black Milk x URB Magazine

12 Jan

URB Magazine is still one of the best publications to do it, and this drawn-out interview with Black Milk is no exception. The Motor City producer/emcee about chops it up with writer Jason Kordich about his album Tronic, other dual threat artists, and other emcees from the D who deserve some shine. An excerpt:

URB: Walk me through how “Losing Out” came together.
Black Milk: I knew I wanted Royce the 5’9 on the album. I knew the beat had to be bananas. It took me a minute to come with the track. I wanted the sample to holds its own even before I put drums to it. When I finally found that loop, I knew that it was the one because it was one some prog rock. When it came to getting on the track, I thought to myself I am about to get on the track with a lyrical assassin what the hell I am I about to do. The sample said “lets talk about” so that made it a little easier, so I just played off of what the sample said. I felt that it was the perfect time for me to express how I felt about the music game and Detroit hip-hop and where we stand in the industry. I feel like we drop so much dope shit and we do get a lot of love especially from the underground, I just don’t feel like we get enough exposure, and I am not saying this because I am from here but my favorite artists are from the D. I came back to the track near the end of making the album and added that drum & bass breakdown at the end of the track.

To read the rest of the interview, CLICK HERE.


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