Kanye West To Pose Nude?

12 Jan

Remember the reports about the listening parties for 808s & Heartbreak, in which Kanye played the album amidst scores of nude models to show that he was bearing his soul? In an interview with VIBE, it looks like he’s taking an even more dramatic step soon.

“I definitely feel, like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I’ll pose naked,” West told Vibe.

Kanye claims that it’s not for attention, but instead, that he’s doing it to challenge social norms in American and black culture. While I doubt that it’s not for attention at all – this is Kanye West, and throughout his entire solo career, he’s had a penchant for the grandiose (Pause, just in case y’all niggas try to get me). I don’t necessarily mind it, because it doesn’t really affect me in the sense that I won’t look at the photos anyway. And I don’t applaud it either, because as much as I’m about challenging social norms, I don’t think something like this will make anyone who’s already homophobic feel or act differently. Though, for the record, I do think that his comments about homophobia in hip-hop in his interview with MTV’s Sway were great. And even though I don’t see the productivity in doing so, I do applaud him for doing what he’s passionate about and pursuing what he feels is an appreciation for the arts without being apprehensive about it due to others’ perceptions.
But wow at how far shit has gotten. From singles about Jesus, to working with Jon Brion, to the synthy experimentation of Graduation, to the poppy fearlessness of 808s, to nude photo shoots? “Through The Wire” was a looooooooooooong time ago!

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