Talib Kweli Talks Lauryn Hill, J Dilla and Hi-Tek Reunion

12 Jan

Hard Knock TV did a great job at getting Talib Kweli to write about a myriad of subjects. In the video above, he chops it up about Lauryn Hill (for whom he penned the sincere ode/open letter “Ms. Hill”) and the influence that the late J Dilla had on his career.

Check under the cut for Pt. 2 of the interview, in which he talks about his brief repreieve from producer Hi-Tek, who became an in-house producer for Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment.

These are really interesting comments from Talib here, and they make a lot of sense. This new Reflection Eternal record should be really entertaining: Talib has refined as a lyricist/emcee since he had last used Hi-Tek’s beats over an extended project, and Hi-Tek has immensely diversified his sound since then as well. I’m expecting some of it to be the same Reflection Eternal that we’ve grown to love, but I’m also looking forward to hearing a lot of records that you wouldn’t expect to get from the duo.

via NahRight


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