Why? (1-12-08)

12 Jan

Whattup doe? Starting posting these random 20 questions of “Why?” every so often on here.

  1. Why am I still stunned that Barack Obama won the presidential election? It still trips me out when I see him on TV at a dinner with George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, or when I read reports about him getting ready to move into the White House.
  2. Why does Mos Def’s Black On Both Sides literally get better every time I listen to it? (Related: My Take On Mos’ New Material)
  3. Why do people (women in the situation at hand, but it’s both sexes) stay in negative relationships – when they know the guy is cheating – just to use that as currency later? So when they finally do what they should’ve done months ago and dump him, they can flaunt that they’ve been faithful the whole time and paint themselves as the victim? lol why not just avoid all of that altogether, change the situation, and move on to something better?
  4. Why is Laz Jackson the illest protege/sports writer ever?!
  5. Why am I hoping that he’ll get me a BM when he starts gettin’ bread, even though I’ll be able to get my own?
  6. I have my qualms about her, but why doesn’t anyone acknowledge the importance of Karrine Steffans’ challenging of gender roles and double standards?
  7. Why is it so crazy that LeBron James got $90 million from somewhere that’s not even his job? Playing for the Cavs is his job…Nike is his side hustle. When my side hustle can pay for shit like schools, charities, and my kids’ financial freedom for the rest of their lives, I’m on the right track.
  8. Why am I anticipating this Notorious film so much when Easy Moe Bee got stiffed for his role in it? Maybe it’s because of Derek Luke and my wifey in law, Angela Bassett.
  9. Why is GQ the best magazine in the game right now? The new Jennifer Aniston issue is a heater from cover to cover.
  10. Why are audiobooks so fuckin’ addictive? First The Black List, and now I’m stuck on Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.
  11. Why did I lose my digital camera for three months, then my digital camera charger for two weeks?
  12. And why does the digital camera charger barely fucking work?
  13. Why do I find cuss words so fuckin’ enjoyable, despite my vast vocabulary?
  14. Why don’t I have any articles in VIBE magazine yet?
  15. Shit, why don’t I have a full-time job yet?
  16. Why doesn’t Sprint have any worthwhile Blackberrys? I might be migrating over there soon, and I’m not impressed with the selection.
  17. Why do JYoung and P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. already have two of the best albums of ’09, when they aren’t even done recording yet?
  18. Why do guys floss their money to get women, but then accuse them of being golddiggers if it actually works?
  19. Why do I hate doing laundry so much?
  20. Why can’t I come through in the pecan jag?

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