Candied Jamz x Amanda Diva

13 Jan

Two of my favorite ladies, Amanda Diva and Candied Jamz, interviewed each other for their respective blogs – and Diva Got Jokes?!?! on OkayPlayer. My stannery respect for Amanda Diva has already been documented, and it will be again in a Speech Is My Hammer feature I’ve got with the poet/journalist/vlogger/everything coming within the next week. But ever since I linked with my fellow Famous Firmer Candied Jamz online, I’ve been a fan as well – she’s got one of the illest, most unique blogs that I’ve seen online, period. One of the few sites that I can rely on for original, engaging material every time I visit.

An excerpt of what Jamz told Diva:

9. What are your fashion no no’s for ‘09

No skinny jeans on men, No leggings as pants (they are meant to be worn under a dress, or skirt), no extremely baggy clothes, no extremely tight clothes. Wear what you feel, but somethings should be banned.

And here’s an excerpt from what Diva told Candied Jamz:

How do you rate your live performance ability?

I don’t usually talk like this but you gotta know your strengths and I’m the incredible hulk with the live show, lol!!  Especially with my band! Maayynnn listen!  People come for the music, the jokes (I’m a bit of a stand up comedian during my shows lol), and the element of surprise.  I love to improv so you nevveerrr know what’s gonna go down.  I think the live show is a HUGE aspect of an artist’s arsenal and wish more took it seriously.

To read the interview with Candied Jamz, CLICK HERE.
To read the interview with Amanda Diva, CLICK HERE.


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