Kelley Carter Pens J Dilla Article For VIBE Magazine

14 Jan

“And you wonder why I’m proud of my family?”  ©Dame Dash

Emmy-winning mentor/homegirl Kelley Carter does it again with “Donuts To Dollars,” an article about the late superproducer J Dilla’s life, death, and how unecessary complications with his estate are hurting his family’s right to survive off of his work. And as usual with Kels’ work, it’s thorough, emotion-evoking, and digestible. The way she opens up w/Ma Dukes not being able to cry, cites Dilla’s “Don’t Cry” in the article, and wraps it up by Ma Dukes saying don’t cry for her? That shit is what journalism is all about.  

Sometimes he’d wake Ma Dukes up in the middle of the night, asking her to help move him from his bed to a reclining chair so he could work a bit more comfortably. His only focus was finishing the album. Donuts was released on Stones Throw on February 7, 2006, his 32nd birthday. Dilla died three days later. 

“It was crazy to hear all that soul,” Illa J says of one haunting track called “Don’t Cry.” “I got to be in the right mode to listen to it. It’s emotional for me. I can feel my brother talking to me through the music.”

Even more inspiration for my book project. Got a lot to live up to.

The article is in the new VIBE. If you’re not too busy reading about Kanye West talking about why he wants to pose nude, give it a look.

via StonesThrow


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