Lil Wayne x GQ Magazine

15 Jan

The best magazine in the industry, GQ, just  posted the uncut Q&A interview that writer David Friedman had with Lil Wayne. I had already read the article in the actual issue of the magazine, with Jennifer Aniston on the cover, and it was one of the best articles I’ve ever read about Weezy F Baby (“and the ‘F’ is for phenomenal”). But it’s still nice to see them post a good ole’ fashioned, digestible Q&A. It’s pretty drawn out, so it may get extra after you read it a while – but that’s what happens when uncut material is published. Excerpt:


Have you always been so prolific?
If you ask my boss, Baby, he would tell you I’ve always been prolific, always tried to do too much with my words, and they always would tell me, bring it down. Because that didn’t fit their formula.

What you mean trying to do too much?
Trying to rap too much, trying to show my talents. Instead of walking to the store, running to the store full speed. Yeah, you know, running track and jumping hurdles when there were no hurdles on the track, showing them I could run backwards when I shouldn’t.

So you had to learn to pace it.
No I learned that on my own. It just had to be their way. Basically, it was like, to me, back then, it was just like a basketball player, he plays within the team when he plays professionally, but you may see him on the court in the park doing some shit that you’ll never ever see in a game. That how it was with me. When it was time to sing with the guys, I knew exactly what to say and do. But when it was time for someone to hear me rap, then you was going to get something different. It helped me differentiate one style from another from a young age. And at the age of 11, that’s creative.

For the rest of the uncut Q&A, CLICK HERE. For the actual article, cop the new GQ.

One Response to “Lil Wayne x GQ Magazine”

  1. (amungwa cletus) February 2, 2011 at 1:02 am #

    Oh My God !!! weezy i love U

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