One Be Lo: “Who Want Beef???”

15 Jan


One Be Lo posted the lyrics of one of his songs on his MySpace blog. And as usual, piff. An excerpt: 

It’s waay too many lives at “Steak”/
YES SIR/ NO “SIRloin”/ da sooldier say/
He supposed to be the “Macho Man”/
See you holdin’ on/ to some “beef jerky”/ snatch it out yo’ hand/
“Cookin” in a foreign land/ Yo watch the “beef stew”/
Now women and the Children on the “ground”/ got “beef” too/
And both sides claim God/ missing the focus/
cuz one say “Halal”…/the other say “Kosher”…/
They all hate pigs/ love Abra”ham”, and Moses/
so why we see commandments broken?/
Cuz everybody scriptures say Moses went up and came back down/
Then people started worshipping “cash cows”/
Today we got the “USDA” trynna leave their mark/
It’s all politics/ “slaughterhouses” “chop” those parts/
And now ANY “grade” less than the “US-Select”
Still serve you that “beef”/ could you tell it was “Processed?”…/

To read the rest, CLICK HERE.


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