Famous Firm ’09 Mixtapes – Teflon Drama x Rich Hil

16 Jan


As some of you know, I do some bio work for The Famous Firm, the company headed by Sickamore, former mixtape DJ/Atlantic Records Director of A&R. You already saw how dope Colin Munroe’s mixtape was last month, but the Firm is keeping up the momentum with subsequent releases online: mixtapes by Brooklyn emcee Teflon Drama, and by NYC rockster Rich Hil. Follow the jump for download links, and my descriptions of each.


I wrote Teflon Drama’s bio for his MySpace page a few months back, so I had already liked what I heard back then. But I got to chop it up with him (and Famous Firm’s Hovain) in person when I was in Brooklyn for my job interview with XXL, and after hearing it again upon it’s official release, it’s even better. Teflon Drama’s mantra is “Ferrari Dreams With Benz Money” – which means that he’s continuing to strive for more, despite whatever success he’s already attained. This tape is East Coast as fuck, with Teflon’s hoarse, gritty delivery and guest appearances from fellow New Yorkers like Hell Rell, but the occassional hook by Slim of 112 (he does two songs) and a cameo from Houston’s Lil Flip switch things up a little bit. While the filenames aren’t tagged with song titles, I’ve uploaded a version of my own that comes out perfectly once you get the album loaded in iTunes.  For anyone else, the album back art is inside of the file as well. DOWNLOAD HERE


My homie AHLOT interviewed Rich Hil for HipHopDX a while back, and I knew he was rep’d him when I saw his profile on the Famous Firm MySpace page,  but the weird ass album cover above was honestly what got me so interested. I just started listening to it now, and I’ve gotta say, this shit is really dope. It teeters between funky and rockish, but it still has a clear hip-hop tinge to it. It’s really easy on the ears, and Rich has a soft, melodic voice (pause) that lays perfectly over the soundbeds. Let Sick tell it: “Rich is like a 90s Baby Bob Dylan. Voice of the 18 and under who didn’t only grow up with rap. Ride bikes, skateboards. Hate limos.” Visit NoLimos.com for more info on Rich and to download the mixtape.


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