Invincible, “The Emperor’s Clothes” (Israel Gov’t. Diss)

19 Jan

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Remember when Lauryn Hill said, “And I’ma add a ‘mothafucka’ so the ig’nant niggas hear me”? That’s why I added the word “Diss” to this blog title.

While I was talking to her last night about upcoming projects from my artists JYoung The General and P.H.I.L.T.H.Y., Detroit emcee Invincible told me that she was recording a song to raise awareness of Israel’s attack towards Palestinians on the Gaza Strip. I couldn’t get back to her in time to give her feedback last night, but she had asked me to give my insight of the song as someone who wasn’t as familiar with the situation out there as I should be. And I think the song is hard-hitting and effective: it doesn’t necessarily give the origins of the reasoning behind the attack as well as it could have (and I only say this because I think understanding is just as important as acting), but it still does a good job of letting people know about the severity of what’s going on out there, the United States’ involvement, and most importantly, what we can do about it. Her album Shapeshifters – which I put in my Top 10 Albums of 2008 – is themed around using hip-hop and one’s own voice to unite and make a difference in the world around him/her, and with her community work and this song, she’s practicing what she preaches.

BTW, with the music player above, click on the “DivShare” logo to download it.

CLICK HERE to read the lyrics to the song, to get more info on the attacks, and to get more of Invincible’s music
CLICK HERE to read my interview with Invincible on


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