Jansport J, “The 2 A.M. Tape”

21 Jan


Call me a wannabe purist, but there are a few things in this hip-hop shit that reel me in based on the idea alone: instrumental albums, and concept albums. And Jansport J, a producer for my artist P.H.I.L.T.H.Y., doesn’t let me down with his The 2 A.M. Tape. He released this a while ago, but I’d been sleeping on it for whatever reason. Now that I’m actually checking it out, it’s definitely worth checking out. Jansport uses this instrumental album to chronicle the myriad of things that people do around 2 A.M. – whether it’s working, boning, or whispering sweet nothings in a shorty’s ear. One of the reasons that hip-hop is so potent is because of the way that its lyrics express the emotions of the underrepresented, but seeing an instrumental album accomplish that harkens back to the era when jazz was a more notable genre. My fav songs here are “The Sex,” “The Grind,” and “The Wyno.” Excuse my late pass, but Jansport J’s The 2 A.M. Tape gets the Ketchums Stamp of Approval.

CLICK HERE to download The 2 A.M. Tape.
CLICK HERE for more info on Jansport J.


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