Fantasy iTunes List For Week 1-25-09 – Michigan Hip Hop Edition

23 Jan

In my first Fantasy iTunes List of 200Mine, I’m reppin’ for my home state. I’ve gotten a lot of new Michigan Hip Hop projects within the last couple weeks, and it’s been a somewhat slow month in terms of brand new rap albums otherwise, so I’m going to spend the next week (or more) zoning out to music from the mitten. The album I’m pictured holding above, Finale’s highly-anticipated A Pipe Dream And A Promise, is the point guard this week. Check under the cut for the new squad.

PG – Finale, A Pipe Dream And A Promise
Finale’s been one of the five best emcees in Michigan for a while, now. He’s always done his thing at shows and in cameos, and his Develop album with Spier2000 was one of the strongest albums to hit the streets last year. But his Universal debut A Pipe Dream And A Promise, set for a spring ’09 release, is shaping up to be his coming of age album – reminiscint, to me, of the way that Death Is Certain definitively showed the potential of Royce Da 5’9″. The only other emcee that even makes an appearance here is his homeslice Invincible, and even though he’s got an all-star production line-up of Black Milk, Oddisee, Nottz, Dilla, Khrysis and others, this album is all about Finale: his brilliant unpredictable flow is on full display, whether it’s being used to show how dope he is or to get introspective about familial woes. This record has a real purist feel to it, and I love it. You may need to listen a couple times to fully absorb his message, but shelf life is a plus. Finale’s MySpace

Big Sean’s upcoming mixtape is the shooting guard of the squad – a hot shot, but a star who’s worth his weight. The 20-year-old signee to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music has been hyping the follow-up to last year’s Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape for a while now, but after several pushbacks, international shows, a shitload of video interviews, and a few song leaks later, it’s finally set to drop on Wed., Jan. 28. If “Intro,” “Billionaires,” “Supa Dupa” and “Who Knows” are any indication, this should be a fun listen full of whimsical punchlines, Sean’s signature charismatic delivery, and some fantastic WrightTrax beats, with some substance to keep things interesting. Sean told me that he treated this project like an album, so I’m interested to see how it turns out. Type Big Sean’s name in the search bar on the right, or CLICK HERE to check out his blog.

SF – Mae Day, Cherish The Day
I’ve already blogged about this before, but with its release date approaching, I thought I’d give y’all a reminder. Cherish The Day sees Mae Day and producer Dewitt Moore, formerly of The SickNotes (Obie Trice’s “Cry Now,” D12’s “How Come’), putting their spin on records from soul songstress Sade to create classics of their own. Mae Day uses substantial lyrics and a tight delivery to simultaneously narrate a story and convey the emotions that come with it, and she’s sexy without the brashness that many of her peers rely on—much like the singer who inspired the project itself. Small forwards are clutch because of their versatility, and who’s more versatile than the emcee that MC Serch describes as the female Jay-Z? For more on Mae Day, type her name in the search bar on the right, or check her web site

PF – Zo! & Asylum 7, Overdue Process
A power forward is all about durability and stability. It’s usually a thankless position, but it’s still important: they need to knock in buckets whenever someone at one of the more nimble positions is getting the ball out of a double-team, they need to box out for rebounds on every play, and they need to hold down that post block every possession. And when it comes to hard work, you won’t find many Michigan hip-hoppers better than Zo! and Asylum 7. Zo! has been holding it down for years, both as a live musician with Guerilla Funk Mob and as producer for the likes of Phonte of Little Brother, Slum Village and Platinum Pied Pipers. Asylum 7 is one of the most consistent veteran emcees in the area, with the catalog and bevy of shows under his belt to prove it. I’ve only listened to a few songs from Overdue Process so far, but with a quality power forward, you already know what you’re going to get: the perfect combo of talent and work ethic.

C – Platinum Pied Pipers, Abundance
I’m not as well-versed on PPP as I should be, so I’ll leave this summary up to the AllMusic Blog that reviewed it: 

With Triple P three and a half years in the past, Waajeed and Saadiq condense their name from Platinum Pied Pipers to PPP and transform just about everything else, from their associates to their sound. Abundance is no downtempo left-field R&B affair. It’s not the type of album you can either absorb or allow to fade into the background. There’s no choice here; the songs confront the ears, yet there’s no discord, only an immediate connection to the pleasure receptors. Joined by a completely different roster of vocal and songwriting collaborators — primarily Coultrain and Karma Stewart, but also involving Jamila Raegan and Neco Redd, as well as several instrumentalists (drums, guitar, strings, horns) and one assist from abstract hip-hop producer Dabrye — the crew orchestrates a walloping set that, while firmly rooted in R&B throughout, takes a bracing turn with each track.


Coach – HouseShoes Presents: The King James Version
House Shoes upcoming project, The King James Version, sees him resurrecting the samples that his friend, producer J Dilla, used before his untimely death in 2006. The mix and sequencing is great, but more importantly, it’s a current vanguard winning by studying a legend’s strategy- which is exactly what good coaches do. He’s been releasing a bunch of mixes recently too, check those out HERE.

Coming off the bench: Juganaut’s Vol. III: The Booth Chroncicles (you know how every team looks for that one player that can come in as a sub, just fucking score a bunch of points for no reason, then gets out of the game and is just as hype off the bench? That’s Juganaut…nasty with the flow and the punchlines, download the tape by CLICKING HERE), Finale’s T.I.M.E. (Think Innovate Move Endure) mixtape (cop it at his shows, or hit me up if you can’t get a hold of it…he told me I can give it out to a few people, but not to post links on the blogs), PPP’s The Official Abundance Mixtape (DOWNLOAD HERE)


4 Responses to “Fantasy iTunes List For Week 1-25-09 – Michigan Hip Hop Edition”

  1. Zo! January 24, 2009 at 10:24 pm #

    Good looks….!

  2. PP February 1, 2009 at 2:13 pm #

    does Finale plan to come to europe for a few shows? because i’d like to have the tape

  3. Mae Day... Mae Gee April 14, 2009 at 3:43 am #

    My album Mae Day was released 9/22/08 Idependently by me… Mae Gee


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