Why? (2-1-09)

1 Feb
  1. Why are three of the best journalists I know all out of work within the past month or so? That shit’s crazy.
  2. Why do people do disrespectful shit, and once they’re called out on it, they don’t just apologize and move on?  Niggas try to flip shit back on you, like, “You’d do the same thing to me if you were in that position.” Not only would I not do that, but whether I would or not is irrelevant when you were the one that was wrong. 
  3. Why do so many women have trouble making the distinction between relationships that can be worked out and relationships that are simply past their prime? And that’s not even women I’m trying to get at – just a couple that I know. Beautiful ones with viable alternatives. Oh well; fail.
  4. And ladies, why do y’all have such a hard time finding nice guys that aren’t pushovers? Are you just finding nice guys who don’t know how to be “nice” while not being a pushover, or do you sincerely like assholes?
  5. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  6. Why is this country’s law enforcement system so fucked up? Not even on the prototypical rapper “fuck the police” shit, but seriously. 
  7. Why did Anthony Mackie do such a shitty job playing 2Pac in the movie Notorious? More on that later.
  8. Why the FUCK did a DJ at Harper’s play Usher’s “Yeah” and a song by Crime Mob Wed. night? A Crime Mob song, in 2009?
    1. Then when my crew tries to hit The Post last night, with the incredible DJ Ruckus, it’s too full to get in. Figures.
  9. “Why is Bush actin like he trying to get Osama? Why don’t we impeach him, and elect Obama?” (©Common) Oh, wait, nvm…
  10. Why is this new Joe Kane song that he sent me so tough? I’ve had it on repeat, and to be honest, I didn’t like his other music at all.
  11. Why are the sponsors taking so long to make the release for this UKnowBigSean mixtape official? I’m fiending for this shit.
  12. Why is my relationship advice to women so flawless, but my relationship advice to myself so opposite? I’m not doin’ that bad now, but still.
  13. Why does literally every stage of my post high school life have blatant soundtrack songs? I’ve gotta move back to the crib tonight, and last night, the last song I heard – in another room in the house, mind you – was Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “T.R.O.Y.” Talk about destiny.
  14. Not a “why,” but a question: both ladies and men, can you turn a hoe into a housewife? Not even on no slick shit, but an honest question. Is the power of change really viable (Obama’s in office, after all!), or is Maya Angelou’s “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” adage 100 percent true in these situations?
  15. Why am I not going through that much serious Blackberry withdrawl anymore? I guess it’s been two/three months since I’ve had mine, so I’ve had time to adapt…but it doesn’t even bother me like that anymore. Don’t get it twisted, though: I’m loyal. New one as soon as the bread comes in.
  16. Why won’t Courtney Hurtt give me play? I think I’m a good guy, lol
  17. Why do rappers buy hit records when they can make one for free? JYoung The General’s Book of Jahshua and P.H.I.L.T.H.Y.’s The Love EP: Love Songs For Losers, Ballad For Ballers coming soon.
  18. Why do people really go out every weekend to clubs and shit? Just to say that they’re going out and not look lame, or because they really have fun doing so?
  19. Why is the economy so bad that I’ve actually thought about robbin’ niggas for their jobs? Not even putting a gun to ’em like, “Give me all your money and your car”…but putting a gun to somebody’s back and being like, “OK. Now give me your job.”
  20. Why is my crew so fuckin’ supportive? Like, seriously. Love y’all niggas. 
    1. Pause!

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