Even When We Suffer Losses, We Count The Victories.

2 Feb

I wanted the Arizona Cardinals to win the Super Bowl. I root for the underdog every year, especially after the New York Giants pulled off that upset last year. Plus, Anquan Boldin was one of the most valuable players on my ’08 fantasy football squad.

But that being said…

Mike Tomlin = my new favorite coach. He’s got so much youthful energy that he actually looks like one of the players out there most of the time, and he knows what he’s doing. He gets his squad ready, and he actually always feels like a part of the team whenever you see him out there. I think he’s got another ring in him.

LaMarr Woodley is the hometown fam. A Saginaw, Mich. native (his high school and mine were fierce rivals), he went to University of Michigan to play college football. Fuck y’all Wolverines, but I’m still proud of a fellow Saginawian doing his thing on the national stage. When someone you know personally makes the game-sealing forced fumble (even though it was a bad call, lol) at the Super Bowl, it’s a good feeling.


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