Finally! A Web Site That Prince Isn’t Shutting Down!

2 Feb

Prince hasn’t been very friendly to the Internets. The legendary singer/musician has become notorious for his stinginess regarding the use of his image and/or music clips on fan sites in his honor around the net, sending cease and desist orders to any of them that used photographs, images, lyrics, album covers and anything linked to his likeness. You can never take away from what he’s done in his career or how many lives he’s changed with his music,  and I’d still give my left leg to see homie perform live, but upsetting the fans who support him – esp. when they don’t even bootleg his music – isn’t the best look, in my opinion.

Thankfully, though, Prince is doing a little better: instead of just bitching about others’ efforts, he’s providing his own web site for people to keep up to date with what he’s doing. And what’s even better is that he gave back to the fans while doing it: special copies of his last album 3121 had a “Willy Wonka” style purple tickets that gave three buyers the chance to attend a listening party/concert at his Beverly Hills home as a celebration for the launch of the web site. And I must say, while I’m waiting for more material to go up – after shutting down so many other sites, you’ve gotta really come with it for your own – the new spot is looking spiffy. The web site is, and I suggest checking it out.

via URB by-way-of Los Angeles Times


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