RZA: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems (Interview)

2 Feb


RZA doesn’t sleep – he rests one eye up. After all, as Jay-Z said on “Dead Presidents II,” that’s what hustlas do. WildStyleMag.com conducted a telling in-depth interview with the Wu-Tang Clan leader to talk about how money in his life: money that he allegedly owes his fellow Clan members and how it’s hurt the group and his psyche, how money affects his parenting, and the affect that greenbacks are having on the music industry. It’s one of the best pieces I’ve read in a long time: tons of allegorical material, no avoiding of any questions, he releases new information, and it’s full of parabolic quips that only the RZA can produce. An excerpt:

Me and [Method Man] didn’t even speak one time on this tour. Me and Mef don’t speak over a girl. Not a girl that I fucked either. It was a girl that knew my friend first, then she met one of my other friends. She met him, she liked him and then she meets some of my other friends and liked him. That’s just how some girls are. But Mef thought I had something to do with her like that. And so he said he was not going to speak to me no more. “What, over that girl?” “Yeah, fuck that, I don’t speak to you no more.”, so he hung up the phone. And we haven’t spoken for fucking months. This tour right now we still didn’t speak!

But at the end of the day we ended the tour like “Yo God, I love you man!” And when you figure that out, when we catch up, we catch up! That’s the beauty of love. Sometimes you don’t have to say nothing.

It is like with a woman and a man who have an argument . If they keep talking they keep fighting. Have you ever been with a girl, you had an argument and you wanted to make up with her? As long as you say nothing, you can make up with her. If you say something, it’s going to be another argument, you are going to get no pussy and you go to bed mad. But if you don’t say nothing, it gets closer and closer, y’all make love and it’s all expressed through love. That’s how we are right now, how shit is going on in the Clan. We’re not fucking though, haha.

And my favorite:

I don’t know what the fuck I have go to do with it! I pulled Ghost and I said “See, that’s the problem with y’all, God. Y’all got me in a negative mindframe in your imaginations because of all the shit y’all built up about me. You think I am the cause of this fucking thing, but I am not the cause of it G, I have nothing to do with it.”

After that, the next thing you know, they are telling Eva that she is paying me under the table. Paying me fucking what? I don’t even know what the fuck Eva is getting. I don’t even know what you are getting. All I know is what I am getting. That’s it. But imaginations do that.

Let me use the example as a woman of an analogy. Me and my ex-wife wouldn’t get along, you know. So she would go somewhere and I would think to myself “Where the fuck is this bitch at, what is she doing? Who is she with?” I could think of a thousand things she’s doing. But she only did one thing: She went to the fucking grocery store. That’s life yo.


The regular web site is in a different language, but fortunately, a thread in OkayPlayer translates all of it. To read it, CLICK HERE.


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