DivaSpeak TV x SpeechIsMyHammer (Pt. 2)

6 Feb


Last week, I posted Pt. 1 of my interview with the lovely Amanda Diva about her YouTube show, DivaSpeak TV. In the second half, Amanda goes into detail about each segment of the show, and what makes them great. Follow the jump for more.

Now I wanna go through the different segments of the show, I want you to tell me which has been your favorite in each segment. Like either your favorite person in the segment, or like which one is the most fun to do. So, first, Superwoman.
Superwoman is very important, because… being a woman in hip-hop, there’s no love for us. So in general, I feel like educating folks on women who are doing their thing, and who are exemplary is important. I would say the best memory from the past has to have been working with Alexis K. Tyler, who does an internet sex show, and she doesn’t bite her tongue, and she keeps it real. Some people were really questioning my judgment on giving her Superwoman of the week. I actually took offense to it, I see it as having a very uncharacteristic web battle with somebody, because I really don’t do that, but it was very irritating to me that someone was discrediting her because of how she speaks, she must be ignorant or whatever. But she said a lot of things that are the truth, and that women need to hear. Not every audience is going to take to an articulate conversation on sexuality and sex to them. There’s different ways to speak on it, I speak on it one way, and she spoke on it her own way and it’s necessary. But I would say that was probably a more controversial one, and my favorite was my mom.

Yeah, Alexis Tyler is mad funny, but she knows what she’s talking about, she identifies with a lot of people, and a lot of people look at her language so much that they really overlook the fact that she does identify with people.
Hell yeah! …You’re not going to get me on the language bandwagon, because I don’t think it takes away from the point that’s she’s making at all. I think she comes across clear enough, and if you’re going to completely take away from the point that she’s making because of her language, that’s your problem, not hers.

Yeah. Next up, Big Ups.
I love doing the Big Ups. The best Big Ups would have to be Peter Trumpet (?) the one we just did. Seeing this white man go so hard for Obama was bananas! [laughs] That shit blew my whole head, you could see that I was genuinely blown away. I think it was also the best one because it was something I think 90% of our audience never would have come across. I gotta give props to James Poyser, who sent me the video, he was just like, “Peep.” And I’m glad I was able to share it with folks.

Aight, now what about The Letdown.
Hmmm… The Letdown. There’s so many, William. Kels has done some good Letdowns, he’s been on there… six or seven times. And, let me think, Suge Knight. That was my favorite. [laughs]

I watched Suge Knight’s Letdown like right before I had to talk on the phone, just a few minutes ago. [laughs]
They don’t call him Suge Nice! [laughs] That stands out really strong, because he’s probably the only person I think would come and snuff me. But we’ve been really, really fortunate to have this election on, which has allowed for so many debacles, between Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro and Palin, there’s just been so much fodder for us to do. There’s been off the election alone, half the show we’d divert to election, but I’m still going to have to go with Suge Knight, because he’s hilarious. He’s been wearing the same red suit for 9 years.

For whatever reason, I honestly never noticed the suit.
I mean, the suit is Suge Knight, brotha! I mean, he’s a fancy boy. Fancy. Not to be confused with classy. So that’ the biggest Letdown. My favorite feature so far would have to be Imus Gets Black. Because that was the last episode of the season, I had all my really dear friends at the house, and I felt like including them in it because we all have the same humor. And you know, Imus could use a lesson in Blackness.

What kind of things would you like to do with the show that you haven’t done yet?
I would like to have DivaTV, where we’d have our own player, and it’d have its’ own blog, and people would be able to have their own community and post their own stuff. Post their own Big Ups and Letdowns, et cetera, I’d really love to develop that. I mean, the ultimate goal is to get a production deal and take it into a larger forum. The web is straight, and I wouldn’t mind it being a live performance on the web. I would love for DivaSpeakTV to be on MTV.com. That would be fantastic. It’s just a matter of keeping going. A lot of people feel like things just kind of happen immediately, and I do wish that they did, but I’ve learned from experience that it’s a lot of work to keep doing something. Keep doing it on faith, and believe in its’ ability to change people in a positive way. And break the ceiling, eventually. 

You know what my other favorite feature was, Will?

Sad Moments in Black History. The Sad Moments in Black History series, with Sisqo, Soul Plane, and culminating in Michael Jackson, that was fantastic. We weren’t afraid to wild out [laughs]. Those were great, those were great. Also, we do some stuff on the road, like Black Lily, or when I was in Atlanta, those shows were great. We took some heat from our syndicate when we did (fuckin buckets?) episode, they didn’t support that break from the norm. It’s my shit. It’s my format. And our format says that we break format sometimes. That’s part of it because we want to keep a certain level of excitement and diversity to the show. And every so often, it’s important for us to not be in the house. Then we did wikipedia, the second episode where we had someone from the Oplong Church of Harlem, New York, who did this rant on how Obama had a white momma, and how the blacks were switching sides from Hillary to Obama, and he would say “I’m not trying to be racist, Praise the Lord”. I was like, that’s the Christian No Homo [laughs]. You can’t do that, it doesn’t erase it. And I have a lot of sayings that people are free to use in their own leisure time. I just urge people to go to YouTube and subscribe to DivaSpeakTV, we just reached a thousand subscribers, so that was exciting. We’re just trying to keep it growing, keep it building, and keep it moving.


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