Maeday, Cherish The Day (Download Link)

6 Feb


Mick Boogie knows what time it is. MC Lyte has given her praises. MC Serch calls her “The female Jay-Z.”

Time for y’all to pay attention. I’ve been lauding this album on this blog for months now, and finally, y’all can hear it, too.

CLICK HERE to download Mae Day’s Sade-themed album, Cherish The Day. Follow the jump for the press release (written by yours truly) and tracklisting.


DJ Mick Boogie, legendary femcee MC Lyte, and MC Serch (known for his membership of pioneering rap group 3rd Bass) all have different ways of describing Mae Day, but their sentiments of praise are all the same.

“I want to let the world know about Mae Day,” MC Lyte said, before freestyling with her on the air and later recording a song with her. “She’s coming, and I’m proud to know it and proud to say it.”

“Mae is dope, refreshing, unique, original, and has an integrity about her that most emcees lack nowadays,” Mick Boogie echoed. “I’m happy to be a part of her project.”

That project is Cherish The Day, due for a release as a free download through and Mick Boogie’s

today, Tuesday, Feb. 3. On it, Mae Day and De Notes—the production team headed by Dewitt Moore, formerly of The SickNotes (Obie Trice’s “Cry Now,” D12’s “How Come’)—put their spin on records from soul songstress Sade to create classics of their own. Mae Day uses substantial lyrics and a tight delivery to simultaneously narrate a story and convey the emotions that come with it, and she’s sexy without the brashness that many of her peers rely on—much like the singer who inspired the project itself. The first leak, “Hold On,” sees her and De Notes flipping Sade’s “Nothing Can Come Between Us” into an upbeat, confident assertion of her impending success. A week after its release—Tuesday, Feb. 10— will present an exclusive playlist that features Mae Day giving listeners an inside look behind each song.

MC Serch insisted that when he listened to Cherish The Day, that he had goosebumps—the same goosebumps he felt when executive producing seminal albums like Nas’ Illmatic and O.C.’s Word…Life. “I hope that the rest of the audience is not so lost in the sea of mediocre music that this wave of talent gets lost,” Serch said. “This is a voice women can ride for, and dudes can vibe to. … She’s the female Jay-Z.”


Cherish The Day Tracklisting // Sade originals

1. Maeday Maeday! // Fear
2. DJ (Same Song) // King of Sorrow
3. Hold On // Nothing Can Come Between Us
4. Crime // Is It A Crime
5. Give It All // Give It Up
6. Jezzebelle // Jezzebel
7. Sweetest Taboo // Sweetest Taboo
8. No Ordinary Love // No Ordinary Love
9. Still Love H.I.M. // Your Love Is King
10. Keep Looking // Keep Looking
11. Cherish the Day // Cherish The Day
*all songs produced by De Notes*

For more information concerning Mae Day, contact manager Jeff Horowitz:


For press inquiries concerning De Notes Productions, contact Cedric Louie:


One Response to “Maeday, Cherish The Day (Download Link)”

  1. Greg Grant April 13, 2009 at 7:23 pm #

    Hey Maeday I always knew you had it in you,I remember meeting you for first time I could see the drive and determination along with the uniqueness of a pro and a style of your own that
    makes you standout among the rest,there’s no stoping you now. And most of all thank you for
    giveing me the percussion job,I owe it to Wit & Pep they indirectly brought it out of me,this
    is the best music team I’ve ever worked with. Thanks. (God has got your back)

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