One Be Lo – “Slingshot”

6 Feb


The incredible lyricist on the right, One Be Lo, posted a new rhyme on his MySpace blog called Slingshot. And, per usual, it’s heat.


We know To maintain a war/ lotta money is spent/
I don’t make a lotta money but I give you my 2 cents/
This- aint about taking sides in a con-flict/
Just Open up ya eyes/ all you see is injustice/
And I don’t even wanna talk about the corruption/
My political views/ that’s a different discussion/
Let’s talk about real people in they apart-ments/
The clock on the wall say the time is apocalypse
And they aint caught up in parliments and partisans/
Losing a part of them/
Who cares who started it/
Grandmothers in they rockin chairs when the rockets hit/
Kindergarten kids/ learnin how to count the carcasses
Lose a lotta blood/ lose concious-ness/
Use a lotta guns/ and you use a lotta common sense/
Like the common- folk…with the common- risks/
Anger and pride say show’em who’s dominant/
If u make it alive then how many scars- u get/
To Learn to survive/ apply for the scholarship
on they hands and knees they do fear God/
But fear no man, they stand and squeeze/ …true optimists
Now They forced to believe, that God give His martyrs- gifts/
Its hard to concieve, the peace that you promise them/
Even if you aint the one starvin or bombin’em/
You ally, the army doin harm/ and pardon them/

To read the rest of the rhyme, CLICK HERE.


One Response to “One Be Lo – “Slingshot””

  1. Mtl-Homegrown February 17, 2009 at 3:45 am #

    One be lo is fucking sick.. I love this dude, sick rhymes.. I have all his ish..


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