Miscellaneous Ketch (2-7-09)

7 Feb


In light of Cliff Skighwalker’s occassional “Randoms” posts, I thought I’d post one (and maybe more later?) of my own called “Miscellaneous Ketch.” Let’s go!

  • Shout out to the incredible Rik Cordero, who just sent me a copy of his film Mend (picture above). It’s gotten some positive reviews, so I’m eager to get a chance to watch it myself. For more on Rik Cordero, check my interview with him on this site: CLICK HERE for Pt. 1, and CLICK HERE for Pt. 2.
  • Shout out to Wale – he rocked one of Identical Variant’s shirts last night onstage at his show in Tennessee. The “I Come In Piece” tee, to be exact. Photos coming soon, but to cop your own, visit the Identical Variant store! Thanks again, Wale!
  • Damn, I wish I had a whip right now. I definitely would’ve finagled my way into one of the shows in Michigan last night. Nas and Royce Da 5’9″ in the D, and Little Brother/One Be Lo/Invincible in Ann Arbor. At least I’ve seen all of them perform before, though.
  • Despite women actually being interested in the kid now, I’ve decided to not do any serious dating until I can look at my bank account and say, “Word!” I’ll still kick it, though. And if this book project does what I’m thinking it can, that time will be coming soon, anyway.
  • I have two albums/mixtapes y’all don’t have. One of them, I’ve been waiting for for a while now. The other one just stumbled upon my inbox about 25 minutes ago, no idea if it’ll be worthwhile though. But the first one? Yeah, y’all are in for a treat. Pause.
  • My little brother just got a position as a sports anchor on this TV station at his school, and he got some non-prescription glasses so he could fit the part. lmao
  • Timbaland & Magoo’s Welcome To Our World album is a skipless listen. How this was accomplished with one of the worst rappers of all time, Magoo, blows my mind.
  • I miss Aaliyah. 😦 … Imagine how Dame feels, damn.
  • I really wanna get sponsorships and endorsement deals. I don’t really want to be a celebrity (even though several people I know say that I’ll become one), but I just wanna get a lot of free stuff, or get paid for rockin’/using stuff I like. Shout out to Premier Skateboarding, cuz they sponsor me now; but I want to get some sort of endorsement deal with Blackberry pretty badly.
  • I really, really want some white grape juice. Either that, or a caramel apple spice from Starbucks. Both would be uber-official right now.
  • Why was Rick Ross’ new diss track against 50 so wack? Was it just that it was wack compared to 50’s hilarious videos, or was it wack in general?
  • Either way, I’m glad 50’s at least keeping his feud with Rick Ross interesting. Elsewhere, we’ve got some pretty boring shit: Copywrite dissing Asher Roth? Bow Wow and Soulja Boy dissing each other, and Sean Kingston runs out into that shit with the steel chair? Word?
  • Mae Day’s new project is so, so dope. Seriously. Download it HERE.
  • *deletes Mos Def’s Tru3 Magic from his computer again* No hope for that shit anymore.

2 Responses to “Miscellaneous Ketch (2-7-09)”

  1. bigjohnmarsh February 7, 2009 at 3:10 pm #

    – Don’t know if you’re a Young Dro fan but one of my dudes went to his show last night. I gotta get to another concert. Still slightly salty about SOB’s being sold out.

    – I bet the mixtape has some GOOD music on it

    – Rich and/or famous = a gang of free stuff! And if its free give me three!

    – Big shout to Baby Girl…still got full page poster from the Freep on the wall back in the D

    – Rick Ross owes my life 3 minutes

  2. bigjohnmarsh February 7, 2009 at 3:16 pm #

    And co-sign Magoo being in the running for WOAT…you were right all along.

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