Ketchums’ Friday The 13th

14 Feb


I’m not superstitious at all. I’m a firm believer that things are usually as simple as A) I control my own destiny, or B) everything happens for a reason. So with that state of mind, I pray and I do what I do.

But yesterday, there was something after me.

First, I wake up late. Shit happens, charge it to the game. I had to catch a ride to the mall from pops to follow through with this job I interviewed with on Monday; the manager really liked me and she wanted me to meet the owner of the kiosk, so I figured that was a good sign.

I arrive at the mall, and I try to get  a drink from the Dasani machine. The machine takes my money, and the bottle gets stuck on the way down. I go over to the customer service desk, and the security guard tells me that she doesn’t think that the mall gives ou refunds for that specific machine. That I’d have to call the number listed on the side of it, and have them mail me a check for $1.25. Fuck I look like?

I chop it up with the manager who interviewed me. The owner who I wanted to meet came in, but he was so busy setting up for a new kiosk’s first day that he couldn’t talk to me. She said she wants to hire me for the Sprint store next month, but that I still need to meet the owner. So my trip to the mall was literally for nothing.

I go to the pay phone, put 50 cents in (no Curtis) to call pops to pick me up. And surprise surprise, he can’t hear me on the other end. How does a pay phone have bad reception? Seriously? I hang up, and it takes my money.

So I go back to the Sprint store, and ask if I can use their phone. Pops Dukes was at some church meeting to mentor kids, so he was held up. He wasn’t be able to pick me up in time for me to get home my interview with a producer for HipHopDX. So now, I’ma have to interview this cat sometime today (Saturday), and turn in the story by Monday. 

Then, I get home. Find out that even though my Fantasy Basketball squad won somewhat decisively this week 6-3, that the person who was ranked right below me won 8-1, meaning that I’m still going to end up going back to last place or so in my league. You know the phrase “Can’t win for losing”? Yeah.

I listen to mixtapes from Jadakiss and Drake, and those were cool. Finally get my own admin. login for that enables me to post content on my own, so that was cool. I turn in early as hell…wake up to find an email from Hex with an exclusive track to post on Monday. And guess what? My partner with MichiganHipHop has already prepared the post for Monday, and now, the link that Hex sent is dead. So I won’t be able to listen to the song now for at least a few hours – if not a couple of days until we actually post it, cuz we all know how much of a hater M.O.S. is. EDIT: So the link isn’t dead. My Saturday’s looking better already.


I’m about to watch this Mend DVD that Rik Cordero sent me last week and chill out. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.


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