Bragging Writes: Ketchums x Drew Correa x HipHopDX

6 Mar


In the latest segment for HipHopDX’s Producer’s Corner, I interviewed Drew Correa: the producer behind Lil Wayne’s “Mr. Carter” (feat. Jay-Z), “Prom Queen,” and several other tracks from Wayne’s upcoming Rebirth rock LP. An excerpt:


HipHopDX: First off, congrats on the Grammy nomination for “Mr. Carter.” What was it like being part of Tha Carter III, especially the song with Lil Wayne and Jay-Z?

Drew Correa: Thank you, man. It was an incredible experience. I’m glad Wayne [click to read] chose that record, and for Jay [click to read] to be on it, it was even more special. I kept submitting beats to Wayne, a bunch of ‘em. I had this weird dream where I kept hearing a hook similar to that, with a sample behind it, saying “Hey Mr. Carter.” I made it specifically for Wayne, I never expected Jay to jump on it. I had my friend Sharon, he’s a singer out here, I had him sing the hook that I wrote, and I sped it up and made it sound like a sample. Then I pretty much went in on the music.

I told Wayne that I found this record, I told him it was an actual sample. That’s how I sold it to him.

DX: So you told him it was a sample, but…

Drew Correa: But it wasn’t, yeah. He was kind of blown away. He’s like, “Where’d you find this sample?”

DX: When did you end up telling him that it wasn’t a sample?

Drew Correa: I never did. [Laughs]

For the rest of the interview, CLICK HERE.


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