Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy’s Finally Ready For Public Release!

6 Mar

I made a point to decrease my sneaker blogging (I’ll leave that to Cliff Skighwalker), but these blew me away. This was a pretty mysterious sneaker for a while: Kanye West rocked them on stage during his Glow In The Dark tour, and miscellaneous G.O.O.D. Music/crew members would be seen with them on (most notably, DJ AM in a NIKEiD commercial). But thankfully, Kanye wasn’t as heartless as the subject of the 808s & Heartbreaks single: the Air Yeezy is set for a Spring ’09 release. And these shit all over the designs of his Louis Vutton sneakers that have been leaked so far – both of them. These are incredible to me: the colorways, the patent leather strap, the high-top, the glow-in-the-dark outsole, the suede toe-wrap, everything. I’m really impressed – one of the best rapper/fashion collaborations that I’ve seen in a while.

An excerpt from the press release:


The shoe, which takes West’s nickname Yeezy, draws upon the innovations from Nike’s rich sporting history and fuses them with original lines, materials, and design elements that reflect West’s unique style.

… From the start, West and Nike’s shared vision was clear: to create a modern classic. An original Nike footwear style, that reflects elements of Nike’s sporting past, and remixes them with Nike innovation to deliver a unique shoe.

Mission accomplished.


Check the links below for more photos of the sneaker and the complete Nikepedia press release.

via HypeBeast by-way-of KanyeUniversity


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