Remembering 10 Failed Rapper Clothing Lines (COMPLEX)

6 Mar

COMPLEX is quickly becoming my second favorite web site/magazine (sorry, but nothing’s taking the crown from GQ). Whether it’s the Amanda Diva “Wifey Or Trifey” piece (no shots, cuz that’s still my wannabe wifey-in-law) or their Jim Jones Vs. Ne-Yo Twitter Fight, it seems like they’ve got a new feature every week that’s funny, creative, and engaging. In this new one, they commemorate defunct clothing lines from rappers. One of my favorite descriptions is of Bushi Sport, the clothing line from Busta Rhymes (pictured above):

1999 was a good year for Busta—he had two great albums under his belt, his Flipmode imprint found a home at Elektra and, like any other successful rapper, he was in the midst of dropping his own clothing line. According to Busta, Bushi meant: “Japanese warrior; Brooklyn’s way of saying bourgeois; a cool way of saying, ‘Busta’s shit!’ and “Couture meets the street.” Sounds like a perfect match for anyone named Spliff Star.


Read the rest of the story HERE.


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