Quick Hits with Laz Jackson

15 Mar

lazIt’s been a minute since resident sports writer Laz Jackson has blessed us with one of his editorials, but he’s back with a bang this week.  In the first installment of his new segment “Quick Hits,” he’ll be dropping bombs on the latest all over the sports world: baseball, college and professional basketball, football, and more. Check out what he put together after watching the epic six-overtime game between Syracuse and Connecticut by checking under the cut.




After a 6-OT game, it’s time for cleaning out the cranium:

bandwadeIf Dwayne Wade (pictured on left) claims the 4 spot in the East by his lonesome, he deserves MVP. Of course, we could avoid this problem if we just had Most Outstanding Player (Band-Wade) and Most Valuable Player (King James).

If tomorrow, I woke up an NBA GM, the first thing I would do is have a giant clock installed that counted down the time until Chris Paul’s contract expired. [ed. note: Yessir!]
The second thing I would do? Steal all of Greg Popovich’s assistant coaches.
WHEN AI comes back…Detroit’s gonna have some trouble. Not like ’02 Jail Blazers trouble, not even Starbury stewing trouble. But someone’s going to end up disappointed.
If I was the Utah Jazz, I’d worry about how I’m going to beat the Spurs before I start worrying about how I’m going to beat the Lakers.
I don’t think I could have been any more wrong about the Toronto Raptors. Which is extremely disappointing.
Imagine this: Russell Westbrook grabs a rebound and flies downcourt. His wings on the break? Durant and Blake Griffin. This very thought scares and excites me. It could happen.

The Domination Republic turned out to be not so dominating, huh?
Miggy looks good playing for Venezuela. Slimmer, bat speed’s getting there…
If you’re the Yankees, and you spent enough money to re-stimulate the American economy in the offseason, and people in baseball circles say Boston had a better offseason, you need to figure out what the hell you’re doing wrong. Or just wait until the season starts.
Was the ONLY person who benefitted from the Manny ordeal Scott Boras?
I’m not the first to say this… but the A-Rod hip/thigh/leg/breast surgery was a little TOO convenient, don’tcha think?

Wherever you are, God help you, Trent Edwards. God help you.
Aaron Curry is one of two SURE things in this draft. The other? Brian Orakpo.
Where is LT (pictured on right) on the list off all-time greatest running backs? He’s gotta be top ten, right?ladainian-tomlinson
As Tim would say: “Jay Cutler needs a nice tall glass of Shut the Fuck Up.”
Matthew Stafford just SOUNDS douche-y, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t take him for all of King Midas’ silver.
How has Deuce McAllister not been signed yet?
If the Lions take ANY player whose job it is to touch the ball with their first four picks, I will be LIVID.

If a team in the Pac-10 wins a game, does it make a sound?
You know how I know the Big East is stacked? When the team I think will win it all is third in their conference, that conference is stacked. When I think the OTHER team that will win it all is second in that SAME conference? THAT conference is stacked.
I really, really think Kalin Lucas will be a legit NBA point guard.
Raymar Morgan, on the other hand, keeps reminding me of a less athletic Hakim Warrick. (If you have to ask who, that’s the point.)
If Memphis gets a 1 seed… someone needs to fix the computer.
If three Big East teams get 1 seeds… someone needs to fix the computer.
If Wake Forest isn’t at least a 4 seed somewhere… someone needs to fix the computer.
If a team shoot 14% from three-point-land, does that team deserve a #1 seed?

Bracketology when it comes out…


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