Battle Of The Big Men Commercials: Patrick Ewing vs. Greg Oden

16 Mar

Barring a miracle comeback from the Hall of Fame center Patrick Ewing, he’ll never face the Portland Trailblazers’ Greg Oden in play during an NBA Game. Greg Oden is still at the beginning of his NBA career, and Ewing retired as a player in 2002. He’s an assistant coach with the Orlando Magic now, helping mold Dwight Howard into one of the league’s premier big men.

This post is about the deadpan humor they’ve used in commercials. The video above (which I found HERE a few days ago) shows Ewing in a relatively new commercial for Snickers, in which he dunks on a scrawny (comparatively, at least), unsuspecting tool. The “Hi, Brian” part, the old school hairdo, and the “Ooops!” (shoutout to Elessa, lol) are automatically funny, but the most underrated part of the commercial is the way that the backboard explodes like a bomb when Ewing dunks it. But a while ago, Greg Oden did his own deadpan commercial, which can be viewed below. All of the different photoshops he’s put in are hilarious, and dude’s facial expression is priceless.

Which commercial do you guys think is funnier?


One Response to “Battle Of The Big Men Commercials: Patrick Ewing vs. Greg Oden”

  1. Elessa "Diva" Harris March 16, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

    Patrick’s is way more funny (thanks for the shout out!…he stole my “oops”!) lol

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