Jim Jones (Allegedly) Gets Berg’d

16 Mar


“Show up to Detroit, thinkin’ everybody love you? And I’ma come and show you that ya ass ain’t Raymond.”
-Royce Da 5’9″ on Slaughterhouse’s “Fight Club”

“This ain’t Detroit, this is muthafuckin’ Hamburger Hill!”
-Eminem, “Amityville” 

Ironically enough, I just downloaded all of the old Dipset mixtapes last night. Still about to listen to them when I go work out in a few minutes.

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened. But CLICK HERE to see Jim Jones briefly speak about it and to check P.L.’s twitter account of the situation.

*By the way, I’m A) not condoning what happened, and B) not implying that Royce and/or Eminem were involved with it. I was just using different violent rap lines about Detroit.


One Response to “Jim Jones (Allegedly) Gets Berg’d”


  1. Mos Def Comments On Yung Berg and Jim Jones… « Speech Is My Hammer… - March 17, 2009

    […] the key parts: literally the entire verse pertains. If they would’ve paid attention, Berg and Jim Jones may not have gotten…well, Got. This one goes to all them Big Will cats With ice on they limbs […]

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