Trailer For Upcoming “Tyson” Film

16 Mar

Wow. Mike Tyson has always been one of the most fascinating – for better or for worse – figures in athletic history, and this movie looks incredible. It’s not a biopic (even though that would be pretty dope: who do y’all think should play him?), but it’s even better: it’s Iron Mike himself, talking about his tumultuous life. I was never a boxing fan, but Tyson kept me engaged: dude was an animal in the ring, and he was such an enthralling character outside of it. An excerpt from a review of the film:

Making his second documentary, after 1990’s “The Big Bang,” Toback draws on his long friendship with the boxer (who appeared in Toback’s 1999 feature “Black and White”) by knowing where to probe and how to draw out the famously explosive athlete, even on the touchiest topics. Tyson seems like an open book here, willing to explore every aspect of his life, his painful and embarrassing missteps along with his extraordinary triumphs. The extent of the man’s thoughtfulness, self-awareness and hidden fears will surprise many, most of all non-fans who thought they had him pegged.

In this complex portrait, which never pretends to be “objective” by offering others’ views of the subject, Tyson comes close to seeming like a multiple-personality case — he’s bright but untutored, childlike but brutish, naive but pensive, emotionally needy, excessive in all aspects of his life and, most impressively, willing to take responsibility for everything that’s happened to him — everything, that is, except the rape charge that landed him in prison for three years, something he swears innocence of and that still riles him like nothing else.

Can’t wait to see this. And I love that they used the Nas song “Legendary (Mike Tyson)” in the trailer.  With how much “Kid Dynamite” has been demonized for so many years, it’ll be interesting to see a different perspective on the dude.

via the.LIFE Files

BONUS: Nas, “Legendary (Mike Tyson)”
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