25 Quotes That Prove Jordan As Selfish As Kobe

18 Mar

This was just posted over at the new ThankGodImFamous.com. Kobe Bryant is constantly critiqued for being selfish and cocky, but most champions are. To prove a point, one of the bloggers at TGIF put together a list of 25 quotes from the book The Jordan Rules to prove that the Jumpman wasn’t exactly a humble, selfless guy. An excerpt:


“I Hope There’s A Jumpshot In There.” – Michael To Stacey King Who Was Walking Into The Locker Room With A Box

“They Don’t Need A Ticket To Watch You Sitting On The Bench. They Can Go To Your House For That.” – Michael To Charles Davis Who Was Sorting Through His Tickets For His Family And Friends

“Give Me The ******* Ball.” – Michael To Doug Collins Who Drew Up A Play For Dave Corzine

“I Hate When I Have To Read That In The Papers The Next Day, That I Couldn’t Do Something. It Wasn’t My Fault.”

I don’t agree with all of the quotes used, but I definitely agree that No. 23 had his moments. I think that a lot of champions are like that, though: they go for the jugular at all times, because that’s what’s often required to win. For the rest of the quotes, CLICK HERE.

One Response to “25 Quotes That Prove Jordan As Selfish As Kobe”

  1. will May 21, 2009 at 7:45 am #

    MJ was the most selfish, ruthless, mean spirited, ego driven person to play in the NBA. Kobe is not near as bad as MJ. What if Kobe had punched Derek Fisher in the face as MJ did Steve Kerr (and anoter teammate)? He’d never hear the end of it. MJ disrespected Horace grants manhood so much that he was glad to be traded to Orlando. MJ was very mean spirited to his early teammates. He’s lauded for his scoring but scored more only because he shot more than anyone since Elgin Baylor! MJ started winning titles only when the Bird Celtics and Showtime Lakers were in the decline, before that he couldn’t even get to the finals.

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