Karreim Riggins x Metro Times x Ketchums

18 Mar

Question for my fellow music journalists: have you ever interviewed a legendary cat, that you weren’t necessarily a stan of or anything…then when you look back a little later (whether it’s months, years, etc.), you realize how important of a piece/moment it was? Yeah, this is one of those moments. I’ve always been a fan of Karreim Riggins’ work in one capacity of another, but when I went to Metro Times web site this morning to look at the article, it actually hit me: this dude has worked with everybody. J Dilla, Roy Hargrove, Common, Madlib, Betty Carter, Herbie fuckin’ Hancock. Dude’s one of the most accomplished living musicians from Detroit, and I’m gettin’ a  check from this newspaper next week for my story on him. Shit’s wild, man.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt of the story:

Despite the opinions of naysayers, hip-hop producers often have very expansive musical tastes. Even though many of the lyrics are often spoken or rapped instead of sung, most good producers have always sampled, manipulated and used splices of songs from other genres, including old-school R&B, jazz and rock.

Karreim Riggins, on the other hand, doesn’t just sample from various genres. He actually creates his own jazz and R&B music, arguably contributing as much there as he contributes to the hip-hop genre. His varied clientele and associations have included the likes of late rap producer J. Dilla, soul songstress Erykah Badu, and even jazz legend Herbie Hancock. In other words, his musical template exceeds lines of genres.

“The music I do, I want it to be here forever,” Riggins says.

To read the rest, CLICK HERE.


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