Kanye West x COMPLEX Magazine

23 Mar



This feature is flawless. The interview? Perfect. The photoshoot? Incredible. The video interview? Dope.

Kanye’s always been a creative guy, and that’s been evident from College Dropout to 808s & Heartbreaks. But the way that this feature is put together is a real testament to that. And this is straight from my man who works at COMPLEX, who says, “Gotta give it up to Ye; it was all his idea.” I’ve often been sort of annoyed when rappers try too hard to be involved with a piece, just because I take pride in my writing talent/style, and they’ll try to change things that I don’t think need changing. I’m really impressed with how this came out, though.

Speaking of public outbursts, why is it that you’ll flip on a journalist, like the dude from EW who shitted on the tour, but not another rapper that disses you?

Kanye West: Because I feel like I’m playing on the same intellectual level of a journalist and not of a rapper.

How so?

Kanye West: [Laughs.] I feel like if a rapper disses me, they’re just trying to get a rise out of me and get me to play in their field to find some way that they can beat me. I feel like there’s a lot of rappers that can beat me in ignorance. So why would I play a sport that I’m not particularly trying to get better at or beaten in? There’s a lot of rappers that can beat me in ignorance, but there’s only a few that can play with true intellect. [Long pause.] How fucking perfect is that fucking answer?

CLICK HERE for the Q&A interview.
CLICK HERE for the gallery from photo shoot.
CLICK HERE for the video footage. 


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