Mos Def Is Rising Down.

23 Mar


I heart HypeBeast for putting these UNDRCRWN Mos Def photos on their site; with the Black Dante posts I’ll be making leading up to The Ecstatic, they’re coming in handy. Anyway, remember the post I had where I gave a rundown of all the new Mos Def offerings leading up to the new album? Well I forgot the verse that first showed the revamped lyricist in the first place. Enter “Rising Down,” from The Roots’ 2008 album of the same title. Check the imagery, the poeticism, and the energy. And the way he abruptly ends the verse is genius to me.

Every anywhere heights plains peaks or valleys
Entrances exits vestibules and alleys
Winding roads that test the firm nerve
Fortune or fatal behind the blind curve
The engine oil purr, lights flash to a blur
Speed work through the earth make your motor go scurrr
Tonight at noon watch a bad moon rising
Identities in crisis and conflict diamonds
Blinding staring at lights ’til they cryin’
Bone gristle popping from continuous grindin
Grapes of wrath in a shapely glass
Ingredients influential on your ways and acts

Zero tolerance to raise the tax
It don’t matter how your gates is latched
You ain’t safe from the danger jack
Made it way before they made the map
Or a GPS this is D-E-F, Leader!



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