Detroit Final Four ToDo/ToSee List

4 Apr

As followers of my Twitter and Facebook know, I’m in Detroit this weekend for the Final Four festivities. Got in last night, and squaded the fuck up – nine people deep or so – to see Big Sean, Jesse McCartney (he actually wasn’t bad!), and N.E.R.D. perform on the riverfront. While I think Big Sean’s stage show could use some improvement, it was great to see him up there repping the D, it was great to see his enthusiasm, and I like his music. But N.E.R.D. was just…wow. Trust me when I say that Pharrell has really got the whole “rock star” steez down pat – he really does have a j’ne sais quoi onstage. The instrumentalists sounded incredible onstage, and P brought the energy.

Anyway, since I don’t come out to Detroit as much as I’d like, I’ve got a busy couple days ahead of me. I’ve gotta see the following people/places:

  • Kelley Carter (she’s in town!)
  • DSE @ Grand (Whattup Jay Mo!)
  • The friend/former pseudo-wifey
  • My Identical Variant fam, Smack! and JP
  • Jae
  • Scrap Dirty & the Slum Village crew, via their show with Common tonight
  • Finale and co., via his album release party tonight
  • Family by relation (on pops’ side)
  • Mike Ganheardt
  • Ashleigh

I know I’m missing some…so holla at me! Got a new number, so leave a comment or email me if you need it.


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