ToDo List Weekend 4/17/09-4/19/09

17 Apr

Sorry I’ve been so sparse on the posts, everybody. Good news, though:

I got a job!

Remember the “Inspiration” post I made in December?


Excuse the Rakim cliches, but it’s time to think of a new master plan. I’ve been doin’ my thing for a while now, but it’s time to seriously step it up. To live up to my own standards, not the standards that are given to me by people who are already in awe of what I’m doing. Time to get to the point where money’s not an issue, and to where I won’t be doing shit I don’t wanna do to get paid – all I should be worried about is providing for my fam, documenting the music and culture that saved my life, and exercising so I can live long and get fly gear more accessibly.

Well, I’m doing my thing. I’ve got a job as Media Manager for Saginaw County Community Action Committee, a nonprofit in my hometown. I’m handling public relations, newsletter, and seemingly everything in between. It’s fun, challenging, and it pays well. It’s taken a lot out of me, so I haven’t been able to do my journalism thing the way I usually dope. But dopefully, this is a part-time, contract job where I schedule my own hours, so I can still hustle elsewhere and do what I love. I just haven’t had the energy. I’ve been going out of town to East Lansing or Detroit every weekend for the past month or so, but after the N.E.R.D./Big Sean/Mike Posner concert and afterparty last night, it’s Grind Time. Word to Killer Mike.

This weekend, I’m finishing the following:

  1. T3 interview for
  2. Niles interview for
  3. Sir Jinx interview for
  4. ILLFONICS interview for
  5. Maestro’s (“a fuckin right ho!” (c) Lil Wayne) Wikipedia bio
  6. Mixtape Wrap-Up for HipHopDX
  7. Finale interview for Metro Times
  8. Miscellaneous album/mixtape reviews for Metro Times


Note: it wasn’t a “hope” or “goal” to finish those this weekend. It’s a requirement. Monday morning, I won’t have any pending journalism work – everything from then on will be job-related, brand new hip-hop journalism, or legwork for my book project.

Leave comments encouraging the kid. Cuz this is gonna be a lot of work.


3 Responses to “ToDo List Weekend 4/17/09-4/19/09”

  1. Big John April 18, 2009 at 1:11 am #

    Let’s work Ketchums! GRIIIIIIINDING!

  2. Brittany Patrice April 18, 2009 at 1:58 am #

    You go, boy! Git er done ;]

    And congrats!

  3. Brucey P April 18, 2009 at 1:45 pm #

    Hey homie, stay focused and keep things in perspective. Congrats on the new job hope that all works out well for you. You have a lot to do it seems, but remember, it’s all what you like to do and is what’s fun, not anything stressful. Have fun with life no matter what you are doing with it, because you may not wake up tomorrow! Be easy!

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