Twitter + BoyGeniusReport = TweetGenius.

12 May

As my regular readers should know, my favorite tech blog is BoyGeniusReport. They’ve got the best reviews, exclusive news, and even occassional doses of Hip Hop, and that makes them one of my goto web sites every morning. So when I saw the man behind the site and Dossy Shiobara were collaborating on a new Twitter program, I had to take them up on their offer. Even if it cost $4.99 (this is a limited offer, btw; apparently, it’s going to cost $9.99 in a week or so), while the other programs I’ve seen are free. SocialScope was supposed to be the best one out there, so when I applied for that beta too late, I figured I’d give this a whirl.

And I’ve gotta admit, I’m enjoying this. As the BGR ads/description states, this definitely captures the essence of the Blackberry more than other Blackberry Twitter apps I’ve used. The other ones – like most third party Blackberry apps I’ve used, actually – utilize the menu key more than anything, but TweetGenius utilizes shortcuts in the same manner that Blackberry afficionados are used to: “C,” the same key used to compose a new email or text message on Blackberrys, is used to compose a new Tweet. “R,” same key used to reply to messages, is used to reply to others’ updates. There’s essentially a shortcut to nearly every Twitter function you’d have to do, and it ends up working really well.

Shortcuts aside, it’s heavy on the features as well: TwitterGenius has everything you need to serve your Twitter addiction, but nearly just as seamlessly as it is on a computer. You can do everything necessary – look at profiles, track conversations between users’ “@” updates, and more – within the application itself, instead of having to outsource them to the Blackberry browser. Can’t find anywhere to access pics in TweetGenius? Go to your photos folder, and click the menu key: TG gives you the ability to send your photo files to and post them to Twitter.  It’s commendable how they cover all of the bases within the program itself.

And visually, this is slick. The video above isn’t doctored at all – that’s how it really looks. It occassionally takes a while to load in others’ profiles, but the developers have been releasing updated versions somewhat regularly, and that issue seems to have been fixed or improved greatly. But in general, it’s a smooth program: the screens slide back and forth instead of loading regularly, the “poof” of smoke upon updating your status is dope, and even the loading screen is dope visually.

With TweetGenius, Boy Genius and Shiobara make a program that’s just as addictive, user-friendly, and crisp as Twitter itself. Don’t let the fact that it costs throw you off too much – it’s worth the skipping out on a value meal.

To check out TweetGenius, CLICK HERE.


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